5 Years of Hope: Selah’s Journey

selah empowers non-profit organization logo Selah Empowers is a non-profit organization based in West Michigan. Their mission is to provide education, resources, and support to individuals and communities affected by domestic abuse. They offer both online and in-person sessions, available in groups or one-on-one, to women seeking safety from domestic violence. Apart from educational groups, Selah also provides other resources such as assistance with housing placements and other basic life needs.

A History of Healing

Selah provides a welcoming and secure environment for individuals to express their thoughts and emotions, and start a process of self-discovery and recovery. The organization was established in February 2019 by Vicki Williams, who was motivated by her own life experiences to create a place where people could feel safe and supported while dealing with personal challenges. Selah offers a compassionate and non-judgmental community that can help affected individuals find hope and healing.

Selah’s Five-Year Milestone 

Selah has been operational for five years and during this time, the organization has successfully grown into a network of professionals and survivors who have been instrumental in achieving its mission. Currently, the Selah team comprises six members, and this year, Vicki handed over the role of Executive Director to Connie Sattler. With her experience working in higher education and Bible Study Fellowship, Connie understands the importance of structure, order, and all kinds of educational formats. Her appointment is expected to further expand Selah’s impact in the greater West Michigan region.

Building a Strong Network for Impactful Change

Selah’s organization has gained support from various churches and various health offices, community organizations, and others looking to create a healthier, safer community. As they celebrate their fifth anniversary, Selah aims to expand their presence in the community. Currently, they offer in-person group sessions in Byron Center and Caledonia, on-line classes every Wednesday, and are in the process of securing additional locations. The Selah team is actively seeking donors and partnerships interested in supporting the mission of Selah. There are so many needs to be met.

Join the Celebration

Support Selah Empowers’ 5th Anniversary and Mission

For the past five years, Selah Empowers has stood as a beacon of hope, offering empowerment and support to individuals and communities throughout the West Michigan region. As they commemorate their remarkable journey and celebrate their fifth anniversary, you have the opportunity to join hands with them in their mission of healing and transformation. Whether you choose to make a donation or volunteer your time and skills, your contribution can create an impact in the lives of individuals healing from domestic abuse. 

Visit the Selah Empowers website today to discover how you can be a part of this empowering movement and help Selah continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless individuals.