Bob’s Big Boy – 75 Years of Delicious

BigBoy75Big Boy franchise is still growing, and has over 1,000 locations nationwide, with locations in Canada and even Japan.  The oldest remaining Bob’s Big Boy restaurant is the one located at 4211 W. Riverside Drive in Burbank, California, and was declared a historical landmark by the state of California in 1993.

The Creation of the Big Boy Double Decker Burger

As it would happen, one night a regular customer to Bob’s Pantry requested a hamburger, but wanted something different.  Bob accepted the challenge, went to work on creating a new burger, and so the first double-decker hamburger was born.  Customers loved the burger so much that Wian added it to his menu.  There was one neighborhood boy in particular, Richard Woodruff, who loved the new burger.  He would offer to help Bob sweep the restaurant in exchange for a free burger. Wian was inspired by the boy and named the new burger the Big Boy.  Shortly thereafter, a regular customer and Warner Bros. animation artist Ben Washam, sketched the boy on a napkin, and the infamous Big Boy character was born. The rest as they say, is history.

New Developments After 75 Years

Big Boy is always working to improve their restaurant, and this 75th year of service is no different. Big Boy is currently trying out some changes to their menu. This year, they are testing a new Blockbuster Breakfast in the Grand Rapids, Michigan test market, which has garnered great success so far. Likened to the Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast, customers can mix and match 3 to 5 breakfast options at a more affordable price point.

They’ve also added the build-your-own-burger option, giving guests the ability to customize their burger to perfection. Some restaurants are also expanding their salad bars, with a build-your-own baked potato bar at lunchtime, and a taco bar at night.

Big Boy is proud of their 75 years of food service, with their 75th anniversary logo stamped on cups, napkins, banners, and other decor throughout their restaurant.

Congratulations to Bob’s Big Boy restaurant on 75 years of service!

MACkite– 30th Anniversary Soaring High!

30yearsMACkite, originally known as the Mackinaw Kite Co., has been in business for over 30 years. It was founded by brothers Bob and Steve Negen, whose passion for flying kites prompted them to try selling kites for a living. In 1981, the Negen brothers decided to open the Mackinaw Kite Co., located in Mackinaw City, Michigan.  Due to its popularity and success, a second store soon followed in 1986, which is located in Grand Haven, Michigan.  The Grand Haven location has grown exponentially to include not just kites, but yo-yos, unique toys, windsocks and spinners, kiteboarding equipment, paddleboard equipment, and surf shop apparel and accessories. Today, MACkite is one of the most renowned, largest, and oldest kite stores in the world.

MACkite carries kites for all skill levels from beginner to expert, as well as kites of all types, shapes, and sizes. MACkite also offers kite lessons and safety courses for those new to the fun sport and hobby of kite flying.

Free Kiting Events from MACkite

MACkite holds several free events and festivals annually to promote the hobby and sport of kite flying.  Events include:

  • The Great Lakes Kite Festival in May, the weekend before Memorial Day at Grand Haven State Park
  • The Mackinaw City Kite Festival in June
  • The King of the Great Lakes Kiteboarding Competition in September at Grand Haven State Park
  • >One Sky One World International Kite Fly For Peace, 2nd Sunday in October at Grand Haven State Park
  • The Reeds Lake Ice Fly in January or February (depending on ice conditions) in East Grand Rapids

Great Lakes Kite Festival CelebrationKite Festival

Mackinaw Kites & Toys recently hosted its 25th Annual Great Lakes Kite Festival.  The festival is fun for all observers and participants of all ages and skill levels.  The activities included:

  • Kite Ballets – watch some of the world’s best kite flyers fly their kites synchronized to music – Saturday and Sunday afternoon
  • World’s Largest Outdoor Kite Store- browse the best in kite flying gear and more – Friday afternoon through Sunday
  • Inflatable Obstacle Course for kids – Saturday and Sunday afternoon
  • Giant Kites- watch several kites flying that are as large as a school bus – All day Saturday and Sunday- wind permitting
  • Indoor Fly- indoor kite flying competition – Friday night
  • Kiteboarding Demonstrations – Saturday and Sunday afternoon- weather permitting
  • Night Fly – illuminated kites light up the sky – Saturday at dusk
  • Open Flying Field- bring your own kite or test fly a kite – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Congratulations to MACkite on more than 30 years in business and in celebrating the 25th Annual Great Lakes Kite Festival!


Zee Medical – 50 Years of Service

50 YearsZEE Medical is a leading provider of van-based first-aid, safety, and emergency solutions in the United States and Canada.  Their mission is “to create a safer, healthier, and more productive workplace by providing unequaled customer service, training, education, and products”.  They have nearly 1,000 representatives across the nation and 50 years of service experience.  ZEE understands the balance between the time, energy, and costs involved in providing workplace health and safety, and that employees are the most valuable asset to an organization, so it is important to keep them safe and healthy.

ZEE’s professional representatives will work with you in setting up a complete first aid and safety program.  They offer:

  • First Aid for the workplace
  • Safety equipment and solutions
  • Training programs
  • Emergency preparedness

To start, a ZEE Representative will conduct a thorough workplace safety evaluation which will identify industry specific needs ranging from first aid solutions and first responder needs, to fire protection, personal protective equipment, and more.

ZEE Medical is an industry trusted source for first aid and safety needs.  Being well prepared and equipped for accidents, illness, and medical emergencies can make all the difference.

Join us in congratulating ZEE Medical on their 50th anniversary!