TLC Eyecare & Laser Centers Celebrate a Successful 20 Years

TLC Eyecare
TLC’s surgical office in Portage, Michigan

In celebration of a successful 20 years, TLC Eyecare & Laser Centers in Portage, MI is offering a great deal on LASIK surgery to their customers through the month of August, 2014: $400 off a LASIK procedure.

After researching TLC’s credentials, Top Of The List’s owner and President, Beverly Mapes, decided to take advantage of their anniversary offer and have LASIK performed on her own eyes. It began with an initial appointment to determine if she was a candidate, and ended less than a month later with a successful surgery.

Smiling Faces At TLC Eyecare
Leanne, Office Coordinator extraordinaire

Smiling faces were everywhere on surgery day, with Leanne, the office coordinator extraordinaire, and several doctors and technicians all buzzing about. The surgery itself took only 5 to 10 minutes per eye, although Bev’s time at the outpatient office was approximately 3 hours due to testing and additional consultation prior to the procedure.

Dr. Ernest performed the surgery. “He has a great bedside manner,” said Mapes. “I had to put a great deal of trust in his skilled hands. After all, we’re talking about my eyes!”

Prepped For Lasik Eye Surgery
Bev Mapes, prepped and ready for surgery

Dr. Ernest’s past experience gave Mapes increased confidence too. “I may well perform more eye surgeries than any surgeon in Michigan,” Ernest told Mapes prior to her surgery.

TLC Eyecare was founded in 1993 in Canada with a simply worded mission: To change lives. Throughout the years TLC Eyecare has experienced great success and as a result has grown exponentially.  Today TLC Eyecare and Laser Centers have over 50 locations, has performed over 2.2 million surgeries, and is a premier provider of eye surgeries and LASIK in North America.

The surgeons at TLC are highly recognized, possess prestigious education, participate in research and development opportunities, and have access to the most advanced equipment.  In addition, TLC Eyecare’s physicians utilize the newest treatments available, and now treat cataracts in addition to laser vision correction.

TLC Eyecare Satisfied Customer
Leaving the office with changed eyes, and a changed life!

TLC’s services certainly held up to their claims in Bev Mapes’ experience. “It feels great to open my eyes in the morning and see well without contacts or glasses! I’m so glad I did this!”

Join us in congratulating TLC Eyecare & Laser Centers on their 20th anniversary.