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With a wealth of experience spanning more than 25 years, Bev Mapes, owner of Top of the List LLC, is a seasoned professional in system improvement for businesses. Her expertise encompasses diverse roles, including 15 years in both traditional and internet marketing, and 5 years providing internet connectivity support and technical sales at Merit Network in Ann Arbor. In addition, Bev's multifaceted background has equipped her with skills that touch every aspect of search engine marketing, including research, copywriting, internet infrastructure and culture, software coding and testing, as well as marketing products and services. From an early age, Bev has possessed an inherent quality - an unwavering determination to empower others to achieve success. This unwavering passion is evident in her work. For example, when offering SEO consulting services to her clients, Bev is fully immersed in their progress, exulting in their triumphs when they reach the pinnacle of success. Furthermore, she has ingeniously devised programs to collaborate with benevolent organizations, enhancing their impact on both businesses and non-profit entities.

Celebrating a Digital Legend: Google’s 25th Business Anniversary

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2023 marks Google’s 25th anniversary. Just a short 25 years ago, Google’s founders rolled up their sleeves and birthed a search engine with the mission of making the vast World Wide Web a breeze to explore and navigate. What started as a humble garage project has evolved into a tech behemoth that has not only changed how we access information but has become synonymous with internet searches.

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