Almost 21: Short’s Brewing Celebrates 20 Years

a group of beer bottles with text title 20 years Short’s Brewing Co.If you ever wander through Northern Michigan’s neck of the woods and get thirsty, stop by Short’s Brewing Company for a selection of unique and delicious brews. This microbrewery and pub was born as a one-man operation but has grown quickly to become one of the largest craft breweries in the state, with approximately 175 year-round employees. They offer a unique experience for everyone’s social style with five storefronts and an indoor/outdoor beer garden.

Not only are the hangout environments unique, but the drinks are uncommon in the brewing world. At Short’s Brewing Co., they are keen on experimentation by trying out unusual ingredients such as tomatoes and licorice.

A Short Short’s History

Joe Short, founder of Short’s Brewing Company, opened the first location of the brewery in Bellaire, Michigan in 2004. The brewery was started in an old hardware store and quickly grew to become a popular destination for beer lovers. In 2009, Short’s Brewing Company opened its second location in Elk Rapids, Michigan, and shortly after began selling packaged beer across the state. Located near Torch Lake, the brewery quickly became a favorite among locals as well as tourists.

They set another milestone in 2016. Short’s Brewing Company began distributing its beer out of state and expanded its Elk Rapids plant to keep up with demand. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the brewery managed to keep all its employees and even opened a new Pull Barn beer garden in 2021. What started as a summer-only outdoor space grew to include indoor seating for year-round food and beer service. 

Cheers to 20 Years!

To celebrate their almost 21st birthday, Short’s Brewing Co. threw a party on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27. The event included live music on two stages featuring 11 bands. They offered a taste of all 10 years of staff-designed beers available for order. The Short’s marketing team created a unique business anniversary page on their website in the style of an event poster from the early 2000s. The website homepage and anniversary page features a Short’s Brewing 20th anniversary logo including a signature pair of shorts and “since 2004” insignia. 

The party doesn’t stop there. Even after their big two-oh celebration, Short’s Brewing Company will continue to bustle with excitement and activities. Some upcoming events listed on their site support their partnerships with local community projects to promote environmental cleanup, recreational outdoor activities, and inclusive organizations. Check out their website events section for more local festivities. From festivals that celebrate the craft of brewing to bingo nights that bring out your competitive spirit, there is always something happening at Short’s.